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Heresy of Constant Conflict

As secularism grows and theological literacy declines, it’s little wonder that ancient heresies are rushing into the void.


A District President Looks at Rural Challenges

by Roland Lovstad Regardless of whether rural or small-town communities are growing or declining in population, there is usually an …

Making ‘Saints’: From Montana to Missouri

by Paula Schlueter Ross All six of Rev. Arlo Pullmann’s children–ages 14 to 22–left their home in Laurel, Mont., to …

He rose ‘again’?

The following article is from the Q&A section of the August 1997 issue of The Lutheran Witness, p. 25. We can …

Saint Paul Institute for Education

by Roland Lovstad “We envisioned a training center that would partner with the Missouri District, a center that would touch …

Education Inspiration

Read an exclusive profile of Concordia, Irvine, student Kelly Warneke and comments by Concorida, Portland, graduate Lynn James about the benefits of a Concordia education. Also, read observations from ‘Kit’ Nagel, assistant professor of business at Concordia, Bronxville, on teaching as a ‘second career.’

The 72: Going to Every Town and Place

A growing number of congregations see a need for outreach help, and “The 72–Partners on the Road” are ready to lend a hand.

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