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The online musings from pastors, theologians and laity that will help you see the world from a Lutheran perspective. 

Review: Barbie — The Fruitless Search for Perfection

Writ large, the Barbie conundrum is really a human conundrum. We long for something ideal and perfect and good, but …


What Do You Crave?

A coffeehouse offers ‘Peace, Coffee, More’ … and conversations about Jesus by Roland Lovstad At the crossroads of a university …

Pastors Are People, Too

by Gary J. Ellul When you picture a pastor, what do you see? My oldest daughter recently told me how …

What’s New at Our Concordias?

Our LCMS colleges and universities are responding to needs in their communities.

Lutheran Summer Music: An Intern’s Perspective

Read about how Lutheran Summer Music camp has helped LSM Intern Megan Wright learn and grow into a confident musician.

Every Picture Tells a (Lutheran) Story

When you picture “a Lutheran,” whom do you see?

Saints: More Than a ‘Short List’

The Lutheran Church is certainly not ‘short on saints,’ for in the wider sense, we are all saints together by God’s grace.

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