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The online musings from pastors, theologians and laity that will help you see the world from a Lutheran perspective. 

Our Great Heritage: Martin Luther

This humble German pastor and professor sought to restore the teachings of Scripture and share the blessing of a comforted conscience.


Getting over a pastor

Congregations can get over pastors. Pastors are, and should be, replaceable. But pastors don’t get over the places, the people, they serve. In a pastor’s mind, those two names, his and theirs, will always go together.

… So Loved the World

Doggedly chasing the world’s standard for inclusivity and hypersensitivity often falls flat and possibly lands with a lawsuit or two. But maybe there’s another way.

The Gospel and Little Green Men

Are there extraterrestrials out there? Likely not. Whatever life may exist in outer space, this we can say for certain: It too somehow suffered from Adam’s fall. It too somehow shares in the redemption of Christ on earth.

A Sneaky Temptation: Theology of Glory Creep

It’s common for people to formulate the identity of God by determining first what’s good in us, and then deciding that God must be that and more.

In Praise of the Old Church Pew

Church pews are made for community. You cannot wall yourself off from others. You cannot decide to be alone.

Reformation 2017: What’s at Stake? The Same Thing as Always

The article upon which the Church stands or falls is the doctrine of justification. It is the chief article of Christian doctrine.

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