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On ‘Anna Karenina’: A prescient critique of sexual disorder

Although he wrote long before the Sexual Revolution, Tolstoy anticipates the tragic effects of such an ethic on human life.


A Simple Way to Pray

Download a free two-part Bible study on Luther’s A Simple Way to Pray. and view an accompanying video by President Harrison.

Church Shopping and Hopping

by Rev. Ray Mirly You have been baptized and catechized in the Christian faith. At your Baptism, the Holy Spirit …

Two Kinds of Authority: A Bible Study

by Samuel Schuldheisz The correct ordering of the relationship between the church and the state is one of those great …

Be Near Me, Lord Jesus

Death isnt pretty, and it isnt easy. But in the midst of my grandmothers death, God gave me one of the greatest gifts ever: the comfort of eternal life in Christ.

The Family Restored

Thanks to Baptism, we are all adopted children of the heavenly Father!

Where Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect:

by Rev. Kevin Bergmann

“Practice makes perfect” is a common saying that is true if you are learning to play the piano or trying to perfect your golf swing. But how about in relationships like marriage? Is a couple better off if they practice being married by living together before the wedding? While some might expect the answer to that question to be yes, it actually is a resounding “No.”

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