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The online musings from pastors, theologians and laity that will help you see the world from a Lutheran perspective. 

Our Great Heritage: Martin Luther

This humble German pastor and professor sought to restore the teachings of Scripture and share the blessing of a comforted conscience.


Media & Culture

The Rev. David Rufner offers a commentary on media fear-mongering and how the timeless Word of God soothes the anxious mind.

Breaking Down the Church Year

Every festival season and each distinctive church celebration has a particular and specific focus on the works of Jesus in the salvation story of our lives.

Pastor, Who Are You Voting For?

We Christians should responsibly exercise the freedom to elect our officials. But there is more to this than just voting.


The mission of the Church is like Jesus’ ministry: long and patient.

Christian Children

My own children reminded me that our faith in Jesus begins at the font, flows from there into our homes and spills out further as we learn to navigate life in the world.

What is a Lutheran?

A Lutheran is a person who believes, teaches and confesses the truths of God’s Word as they are summarized and confessed in the Book of Concord.

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