Utterly Foreign

What the Church teaches and how she worships is utterly foreign to the world. Is that the way it is suposed to be? by Peter Berg If any people are predisposed to the lure of do-it-yourself religion and designer spirituality, it’s Americans. Our forefathers’ rugged American individualism, coupled with democratic ideals, led to a fierce

Teaching the Faith

Children learn from their parents’ actions. How can you as a parent teach the faith to your kids? by Rev. Daniel A. Hinton A recent trip to the dentist with three young boys began, as it always does, with filling out the checklist. Two pages full of questions covered every possible facet of dental health.

Godadoodles and Godschnoodles

The First Commandment forbids us from having other gods. Does that rule still apply, or is it just a dusty, archaic command? by Rev. Gaven Mize Have you ever heard of a Labradoodle? How about a Bullhuahua? Certainly you have heard of a Schnoodle, right? No? They are designer dogs–canine creations that allow you to

The Best Cardio Exercise

by Rev. Dr. Greg Wismar As the days of summer bring us more daylight for enjoying the full creation with which God has blessed us, we think about expanding our time spent getting some beneficial exercise. Health professionals have often noted that cardio exercise is great for people in many ways. Cardio receives its name

Two Kinds of Authority

The April 2012, issue of The Lutheran Witness was excellent.  It covered the testimony given by President Harrison to the House of Representatives’ Committee on Oversight and Government Reform very well.  It was very much to the point and left no doubt as to where the LCMS stands on current political and moral issues.  Hopefully

No is a Good Thing

It’s easy to know when God has answered our prayers, but what about the times when prayers seem to make no difference?

He Speaks, We Listen

What makes the Lord’s Prayer different? See why God loves to hear you pray this prayer. by Rev. Paul Beisel If Lutherans followed the advice of Martin Luther, they would find themselves praying the Lord’s Prayer five times per day. Luther took prayer seriously. In the Small Catechism, he instructs Christians to pray the Lord’s

May 2012 Letters

Fan into Flame draws to a close I read the article in the March Lutheran Witness about the Fan into Flame campaign coming to a close, and the numbers in it caught my attention.  Nearly 67 million was raised. However, the sidebar states that only 53 million of that actually materialized in cash received.  Nearly

10 Minutes with . . . Kay Kreklau

by James Heine At its 34th biennial convention last June in Peoria, Ill., the LWML elected Kay Kreklau as its 17th president. A longtime member, Kreklau has served the LCMS auxiliary in a multitude of roles at the local, zone, district and national levels. As a member of a small North Dakota congregation, she has

Teach Us To Pray

Our Lord bids us to pray, but where do we start? by Gregg Hein It is bedtime. My younger children–ages 10, 8 and 5–have just finished jostling for position to brush and spit and complete the rest of the routine. The obligatory debate about whose room we’ll be praying in tonight is set-tled by my

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