A Chaste Community

Hard topics this month. How do you get out of pornography? How do you talk about chastity with your children in a culture that rejects it? How do you convince your employer that training in LGBTQ+ sensitivity violates your beliefs? Do you even try? What Bible verses or biblical arguments illustrate, in a loving way, God’s Law on this topic?

We start to answer these questions in this issue of The Lutheran Witness. We start because we can’t answer all the questions in one short issue. Christian Preus opens a discussion on corporate DEI training and LGBTQ agendas in the workplace, but much varies state to state. Often, the best we can offer are overarching suggestions. Stephanie Neugebauer explains that talking to your children about chastity begins with starting the conversation. At the same time, even if you have, the culture changes so quickly that we can’t begin to guess what new transgressions the culture will espouse.

We also start the conversation because you need to continue it. Pick up where we left off in this issue. First, begin by digging more deeply into God’s Word. Know it, inscribe it on your heart by memorizing it. Know the arguments for why homosexuality violates God’s order. Know why God has given us greater gifts and will continue to bless us through these gifts.

Next, talk about it. Talk with your spouse and your children. Talk to your fellow believers in Christ. Listen to your neighbors and co-workers, and then share God’s Word with them. When we speak as a Christian, we speak a warning when we must, and we speak a word of forgiveness to the one who repents. We must stand ready to bring back those who have repented and seek the forgiving love of Christ.

This month features a blueprint for the Created Male and Female Task Force. This group will be creating and promoting resources to help the church address this topic.

God has knit every one of us together in the womb of our mother; may this issue help you boldly witness to this glorious truth.

Together with you,

Roy S. Askins

Managing Editor, The Lutheran Witness

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