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The Stem ‘Sell’

Despite what its proponents say, the fact remains that human cloning for any reason cannot be justified.

God’s “Pro-Life” Bible

by Richard Cody Imagine for a few minutes that some of the best-known Bible stories happened in our society today events that are central to God’s plan for our eternal salvation. Can you imagine what might have happened if the people in those stories were “pro-choice”? For instance, let’s look at God’s servants Abraham and

Faithful Tithers

by Randy Schroeder We always have been faithful tithers in our worship life at church. During the past year, however, we’ve had so many unexpected bills, we have had to cut back on how much we can give to the church. I feel very guilty about this. What does the Bible say about our offerings?

Shedding Some Light

Kids,James, age 4, was listening to his dad read a Bible story: “The man named Lot was warned to take his wife and flee out of the city, but his wife looked back and was turned to salt.” With a serious look of concern, little James asked his dad, “But what happened to the flea?”Anonymous

Does an Ill-Informed Vote Equal Sin?

In Missouri this past November, and possibly in some other states across America, citizens voted on whether embryonic stem-cell research could be performed by scientists.  My question is this:  What if prior to learning through more reliable sources like Lutherans For Life, one believed that this type of stem-cell research was not wrong and therefore

We Are One People

As One People, we can all set our sights on the One Mission of seeking the lost by proclaiming the One Message that Jesus Christ alone is the Savior of the world.

“Two Kingdoms vs. One Me”

The Lutheran doctrine of two kingdoms explains how God works in His spiritual kingdom and His earthly kingdom. But man’s selfish nature is to trump both with “me.”

The Splendor of Epiphany

The splendor of Epiphany still “epiphanizes” Christians to be the light of the World, sharing Christ with people who cry out for the ‘Light of Light.’

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