Keep up the good work

Bravo!  The April, 2008 Lutheran Witness deserves a gold star.  This is the best edition in a long time.  The articles are relevant, fresh, and thought provoking. 
May God bless this ministry!
Glenna Osborn
Member of St. Matthew Lutheran Church
Lee’s Summit, MO


Thanks for the free copy of the Witness.  Our former congregation’s pastor chose to discontinue the blanket congregational subscription offered through the NJ District in a budget saving move.  The savings are minimal but I suspect this attitude is prevalent among many pastors/congregations.  I feel this to be very foolish.  The magazine’s tremendous improvement in style and editorial content (articles that pertain to people in today’s society) is “good witness” to our faith.  We can now use such items as a response to those who knock on our doors advocating other perspectives of religion or Christianity. 

Paul Sparling


Thank you for your cover on the May 2008 issue of The Lutheran Witness.  I have waited for such a cover for years.

This is what God’s people are all about:  2008, new life, Baptism, joy, sharing, calling to confession, receiving forgiveness, vibrant, full of the power of the Spirit, and, you guessed it, it draws me inside.

I am grateful for the continued up-beat and contemporary appearance of The Lutheran Witness.  Keep it coming.

Carl Selle
Stevens Point, WI

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