Roy Askins

Ground of All Truth

“What is truth?” Jesus is Truth, and so Jesus stands at the heart of this (and every) issue of The Lutheran Witness.

Male and Female He Created Them

“Male and female he created them,” the Scripture says. And in that creation, God ordered the relation of the man and the woman, of Adam and Eve.

Lutheran Witness: January 2022

The January issue of The Lutheran Witness reflects on God’s design for the relationship between men and women, which culminates in marriage, a reflection of God’s redeeming work for His children.

Nunc Dimittis

The Christian church has now taken up Simeon’s song as her own, and rightly so. For, as with Simeon, we have also seen and rejoice in the salvation of our God.

Dust to Dust

A Christian funeral is a great and final confession. This issue of The Lutheran Witness will help you think about planning your own.

Pastor, I have a question …

This month’s issue begins with an introduction to the Church Worker Recruitment Initiative. In the rest of the issue, LCMS professional church workers answer the questions they most commonly receive in their service to Christ’s church.

Una Sancta — One Holy

We’re talking about your church family, the people of God. In this family, you gather to receive from Jesus what only He can give: Himself in Word and Sacrament.

Four Views on Jesus

As a composer uses harmonizing strains to form one grand piece of music, so also the Gospels create a full picture of Jesus Christ.

Written in the … Word

Whether superstition or false belief, let’s repent and turn to the Lord. We fear, love and trust in Him above all things. And He provides as He has promised and in accordance with His will.

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