Special Issue: Additional Features

The Lord Gives. Christians Manage.

by Jerald C. Wulf Why do we give to the church? Is it because it makes us feel good or because everything we have is the Lord’s? It is suppertime, and the telephone rings. With a certain amount of apprehension, you pick up the receiver. Caller ID does not show a familiar name, so you

LCMS Schools: A Snapshot of LCMS Pre-K–12 Education

by William D. Cochran Q. How have LCMS schools grown over the last 40 years? A. There has been a steady growth in the total number of Lutheran schools, which peaked at 2,525 schools in 2006. That includes a significant growth in the number of free-standing early childhood centers, which reached a high of 1,406

Concordia University System

by Adriane Dorr Q. What is the Concordia University System (CUS)? The CUS consists of: Ten colleges and universities 27,000 students Over 2,000 full- and part-time faculty Over 200 programs of study One solid foundation, God’s Word, for a Christ-centered educational environment Q. What is the current number of students enrolled in a church vocation,

Witness, Mercy, Life Together and Restructuring

by Dr. Albert B. Collver III Among the blessings, gifts and challenges that our Synod faces is the task of restructuring. With the passing of Res. 8–08A at the Synod’s convention in July 2010, the Synod decided to create a more flexible organization by aligning its work around two mission boards. The President’s Office was

The Future is Here

by Barbara A. Below On a beautiful spring evening in Palmar Arriba, Dominican Republic, as pictures were displayed on a makeshift screen set up in the street outside the three-bedroom home, little Ramona stood in the spotlight and danced. Along with over 200 other people who gathered from the community, Ramona enjoyed the dedication of

Funding: What’s at Stake?

by John Edson The mission and ministry of The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod are dependent on gifts from congregations and individuals.  These gifts to the Synod come in two forms.  The first is referred to as restricted gifts where the funds can be used only for the purpose designated by the donor.  The second type is

Mercy: Uniquely Equipped for Body and Soul Work

by Albert B. Collver III and Kim Plummer Krull Throughout its history, LCMS World Relief and Human Care (WR-HC) has cared for people in body and soul in response to disasters, hunger, poverty and other needs. Apart from disasters, some of the best-supported programs involve the care and help of children, such as the 1001

Mission Heritage Sets Stage for Global Reach

by Kim Plummer Krull In 1971, a peak high of more than 350 LCMS missionary families dedicated their lives to serving the Lord in foreign fields. Today, 59 such career missionary families (which often include both a husband and wife with calls to serve) work in other countries. But instead of focusing on decline, Dr.

Fan into Flame Update

by Kim Plummer Krull How much has the capital campaign raised, and what’s left to go? The capital fund-raising campaign Fan into Flame has led to blessings as well as challenges. That’s important for LCMS members to know, says LCMS President Rev. Matthew C. Harrison, because “in order for us to solve our financial challenges,

Righting the Financial Ship

by Kim Plummer Krull We were spending a lot more than we were receiving,” says South Wisconsin District (SWD) President Rev. John Wille, explaining as simply as possible why that district had fallen into an operating deficit of $880,000 and a capital indebtedness of $5.5 million when he became president in 2006. Today, the SWD

LCMS Agencies

Concordia Publishing House Synod’s Publisher From coal-fired steam presses in 1869 to the most advanced digital technology today, the purpose of Concordia Publishing House has remained the same: to provide the churches, schools and homes of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod with resources that are faithful to the Holy Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions. CPH is

LCMS Seminaries: Magnets for Worldwide Lutheranism

by Roland Lovstad What does it take to be an LCMS pastor? And what makes the seminaries that form those pastors so unique? What comprises a seminary curriculum? Pastoral ministry students at the LCMS seminaries—Concordia Theological Seminary (CTS), Fort Wayne, and Concordia Seminary (CSL), St. Louis—can be divided into two categories: residential and contextual (distance

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