Call it what it is

I’d like to comment on something I read in the convention preview article in the June/July issue. 

Under the Human Care floor committee section were the words “assisting congregations in ministering to undocumented immigrants.”  It wasn’t too long ago we were fighting over the description “anti-abortion” vs. “Pro-Life.”  Somehow,  we are afraid to be called what we are.  It seems to me that, when we see outward sin, we should call it what it is.  Homosexuals are not “gay people”they are openly sinning.  Just as “undocumented immigrants” are really “illegal aliens.”  I even recall an e-mail going around labeling a “drug dealer” as an “unregistered Pharmacist.”  I suppose we should never have accepted the label “Christian” but called ourselves “non-Jewish believers” insteadthen the Muslims would not hate us as much.

I’m sure we should be helping these people to see their sin and repent and then help them to return to wherever.  Maybe we need a dialog on that subject too in a floor committee.

Bill Schepp
Phillips, WI


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