Get in the trenches!

Thank you for Dr. Uwe Siemon-Netto’s painfully truthful article, “We Are Needed: Are Lutherans Afraid to Take on the World?” (November ’06).

Although I understand the paramount importance of our pastors, in their sermons, preaching the Law and Gospel and properly distinguishing between the two, perhaps it wouldn’t hurt if their sermons did something more to engage us with our culture.

What a sad indictment that there are only two LCMS members in the U.S. Congress. Our Synod has the truth of Scripture; a strong, central governing body; an awesome monthly publication; and many wonderful, Spirit-filled members.

I hope LCMS people will read this article with eyes that see and minds that understand. Lutherans are to be and to do-not just sit in the pew!
Meredith Berg
Hudson, Wis.

We finally have a churchman who can write lucidly and passionately about the Christian-Lutheran life being lived by real people in the real world. His name: Dr. Uwe Siemon-Netto. Thank God for him and his journalistic talent!

I am looking forward to more of his articles in The Lutheran Witness.
Deaconess Catharine E. Bluege
Belvidere, Ill.

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