“Have the Rules Changed?”

I read, with great interest “HAVE THE RULES CHANGED.” In fact, I read it over several times and I always was left having the same opinion. While the question was answered quite accurately and succinctly, I couldn’t help but wonder if the writer meant to ask that particular question.  By asking “Have the Rules Changed” the questioner sort of left the responder “off the hook,” so to speak. For, in fact, the question could only be answered in the words and manner in which it was.  Had the writer, however, asked “Have our policies toward lodge  membership changed?” (and I have the feeling this is what the writer meant to ask), what might the answer then have been?  Are we beginning to relax our position on these and other matters in order to make membership more attractive?  Could this be another factor in the apparent move towards contemporary lifestyles we seem to be embracing?  I pray earnestly that any and all attempts to make church membership and attendance more attractive be successful, but let us proceed cautiously lest we “water down” the message.



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