“Luther on Mission”

I was astounded to read in the October 2007 lead article, page 7: “Luther lived in a world with very few ‘evangelism opportunities’ of the sort we in the 21st century have.  He met, at most, a couple dozen unbaptized people in his entire life.”

This exposes the notion that my baptism seals my salvation forever whether or not I continue to repent and accept God’s forgiveness through Christ.  To the contrary, when I stop believing the Gospel, I’m no longer saved, no longer a Christian (Mark 16:15-16; Hebrews 4:2).

Luther had few “evangelism opportunities”!?  There was wholesale ignorance of the Gospel in his day.  There was deliberate rejection of the Gospel by the church leadership of his day.  The world of his day was one huge evangelism opportunity!  That’s what the Reformation was all about.

Edward L. Kast
Saginaw MI


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