Lutheran Witness: October 2007

In human terms, 500 years is a long time. The world in which Luther lived half a millennium ago seems distant and hazy when we compare it to the life we lead today. For Luther and his contemporaries there was no air travel, Interstates, or 24/7 TV— no wireless telephones or iPods. In Luther’s day, Gutenberg’s printing press with its movable type was the revolutionary technology of its time.

Yet as Robert Kolb and Robert Rosin point out, Luther has much to say to us today—not only about the foundations of our faith, but about family life, about vocation, about witnessing our faith to our friends and neighbors near and far

  • From the President: Luther, the Gospel, and Us
  • From the Editor: To the Reader


  • Reaching Out: Luther on Mission — Robert Kolb
  • The Hinge of History — Robert Rosin
  • A Mission Base in Wittenberg — Kim Plummer Krull
  • Groups Ablaze! — Diane Strzelecki
  • Moving Tables — Mark Einspahr


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