Lutheran Witness: September 2007

For years, an underlying premise of the Synod’s official periodicals has been that The Lutheran Witness, our monthly features magazine, is for laypeople, while Reporter, our monthly newspaper, is for professional church workers and congregational lay leaders. This principle has served us well.

Still, don’t a number of pastors, teachers, and other church professionals and leaders read the Witness now and then? And don’t a number of laypeople have at least some curiosity about LCMS news? We can answer “Yes” to both questions.

  • From the President: Young People Chosen and Blessed
  • From the Editor: To the Reader


  • Fan Into Flame: Igniting Hearts — Ron Nelson
  • Only One Road to Heaven? — Gene Edward Veith
  • Chosen!— compilation by Vicki J. Biggs
  • In His Corner — Kim Plummer Krull
  • Poster Power — Diane Strzlecki
  • Thinking About Your Funeral — Jonathan C. Watt


  • Letters
  • Notices
  • Shedding Some Light
  • Searching Scripture
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