More on the “Racially Split Church”

Regarding Dr.Uwe Siemon-Netto’s article (June/July 07), “The Sin of the Racially Split Church,” I am wondering if Dr. Siemon-Netto has considered that, in a free society, the people have the choice of association in non-governmental situations (e.g., the church)

After more than 350 years of living in the same land and hundreds of billions of dollars spent by all levels of government on programs designed to promote black achievement, advancement, and advantage (with severe punishment for anyone perceived of weak enforcement), we still have Dr. Siemon-Netto’s reference to the cable news program reporting in high school cafeterias of “black students with blacks, whites with whites, and Hispanics with Hispanics.”  Maybe people really do like to have freedom of association.

This choice should be a personal one, not influenced by a secular governmental bureaucracy, a biased media, or a leftist educational system.  More importantly, Dr. Siemon-Netto states, “The Gospel has no answer to questions such as affirmative action.”  The only scripture referenced is Gal. 3:28 mentioning Greeks and Jews, Caucasians all—hardly germane.

It’s understandable that having the opportunity to write articles with a large circulation such as this is enticing.  However, for the sake of the credibility of the publication, one would think that the author, as well as those involved with production, would be responsible for the content.

Opinion presented as fact is merely dogma.  Personal political persuasion should not be confused with nor presented to be scriptural when it is not. 
Joseph Holman
Lexington, MO


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