National Youth Gathering

Thanks for the brief yet delightful article on the National Youth Gathering, “Chosen!” I was pleased to see the colorful images of our youth and adults side by side and to read about the many different ways the Gathering impacts the Church and the community.

My deep appreciation to our Synod for hosting and supporting our National Youth Gatherings. Thanks be to God for our dedicated leaders and staff who invest years to make each gathering a dynamic experience for our youth. As a parent of a new high school freshman, I’m looking forward to 2010 and the opportunity to join with our LCMS brothers and sisters to celebrate God’s grace in… We await the announcement!

May our Lord Jesus richly bless this important work in our Church!

Pastor Ken Wagener
Macomb, Michigan

District and Congregational Services–Youth Ministry has since announced the 2010 National Youth Gathering will be held in New Orleans, LA. –Ed.


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