On “Reclaiming the Church’s Young”

Thank your for the excellent article, “Reclaiming The Church’s Young in a Culture of Change.”

I drive a school bus and have high, middle, and elementary school runs. At the beginning of the school year, I make it a point to tell the students they are not just a bunch of cattle I haul from “Point A” to “Point B.” When I get to their respective schools, I always smile at the students and wish them a great day. I believe the students should always smile“NGAOMB”, “No Grouches Allowed on my Bus”!

I also believe the young appreciate encouragement, kind-heartedness, and honesty from adults.  Two years ago, an 11th grader brought home a completed project from school. When I asked her how she had done, she said she’d received 29 out of 30 pointsher face was beaming with joy when I complimented her on her score. This past year, a 7th grader lost her house key.  So, I bought her a lanyard from the high school she will attendshe was so excited. I was crabby one day on the middle school run and spoke crossly to one of the students. The next day, on the same run, I stopped the bus and told the students that I was a father of four boys and not perfectthen I apologized to the student I spoke crossly to.  All the students on the bus applauded loudly.

Ed Burns
Anoka, Minnesota


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