“Our Marvelous Bodies” – Missing Something?

Another excellent issue of the Witness.  The new format is exceptional. 
The article titled “Our Marvelous Bodies” was very good with one exception.  For thirty seven years I have taught, as I was taught in “the system,” that stewardship of the body was composed of three elements; proper diet, proper exercise, and proper rest.  The elements of adequate rest, relaxation, and a good night’s sleep seem to have been overlooked.
We live in an era of over-commitment.  People seem to want to have it all and to have it all right now.  Thus, far too many people are far too over-commited to this club, that group, that activity, and have correspondingly committed their children to every activity and sport under heaven.  We rush here to do this on time so we can rush there to do that on schedule.  The end result is eating on the run, getting home late, getting to bed late, and rising early to join the rat race again the next day.
One might remember that even Jesus said to the disciples, “Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest awhile.”  Mk 6:31
Peace and Joy!  We Serve The King Of Kings!!
The Reverend Dr. M. J. Nicolaus
Ronan, Montana


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