Practice what you preach

Thank you for the interesting article regarding race relations in the most recent Witness issue. The author makes some excellent points.  The irony, however, is how the article itself only underscores the problem of “hypocrisy” being discussed.

The author states, “What interests me is what we Lutherans are doing to remedy this situation.  We have the perfect theology for it.  We have educated and erudite black pastors and a wonderful Board for Black Ministry Services.  Wouldn’t it be great if reporters sought them out for their observations?”

Indeed, a good question.  I searched the article for any comments or insights the author himself may have gleaned from just such excellent resources in our church body only to find them completely lacking.  What are we doing to remedy the situation?  “Practice what you preach” is an adage that comes to mind.

The summary paragraph proclaims, “The time has come for the Lutheran church to stop being timid.”  I guess we will know that time has indeed arrived when the official publication of the synod has enough nerve to let some of our Lutheran African-American voices actually speak in regards to “the sin of the racially split church.”

Mark J. Brockhoff
Schaumburg, IL


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