Shedding Some Light

School Daze

All through the month of November, the children at the local school had been learning about the Pilgrims, Thanksgiving, and the many blessings the Creator had bestowed on their country. Bulletin boards, decorated in fall colors, depicted themes of harvest, families, and thanksgiving. There were pumpkins, squash, straw bales, and corn stalks arranged around the flagpole and next to the schoolhouse door.

There were more pumpkins and squash decorating the cafeteria. And nearly every day there was a special treat. On this particular day, a large basket of apples and spicy pumpkin squares graced a table near the cafeteria door, along with a sprawling centerpiece in fall colors.

Next to the basket of apples the cook had placed this note: “Take just one. God is watching.” The pumpkin squares were arranged at the other end of the table. Next to one of the stacks of squares a wag had scrawled this piece of advice: “Take as many as you want. God is watching the apples.”

Courtesy of Jean Carroll via email

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