Shedding Some Light

Down to Earth
A learned scientist approached a minister and said, “I don’t want you to talk about God anymore. I don’t want you to mention Him at all. As you know, science has progressed to the point where we can do anything God ever did. We can clone a man. So no more of this God talk.”

The minister said, “All right. Let’s see you make a man.”

The scientist bent down to pick up a handful of dirt, but the minister restrained him.

“Not so fast,” he said. “Use you own dirt.”
George Kottwitz
Trinity Lutheran Church
Edwardsville, Ill.

Help from Heaven
Several years ago during a weekly Thursday morning Bible class at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Ste. Genevieve, Mo., a parishioner remarked, “Pastor, my dog is 14 years old and in lots of pain. I wish the Lord would let him die. I don’t want to put him to sleep myself.”

I replied to her with this counsel: “The Lord doesn’t normally do for you what you can do for yourself.”

To illustrate, I added, “I sure wish the Lord would write my sermons for me.”

Another faithful parishioner, who never missed a Bible class or worship service, replied sweetly, “Pastor, we wish He’d write your sermons, too.”
Rev. Richard Thur
Trinity Lutheran Church, Louisiana, Mo.
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Bowling Green, Mo.

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