Stewards of Everything

While reading the candidates’ views on the funding of the Synod’s work in the June/July 2007 issue, I was struck by the repeated thought that we need to educate our people about the work of the Synod.  While I agree with this, I think what may be missing in our congregations is education regarding how our people should be good stewards of EVERYTHING they have–not just of what they give.  What we have is on loan to us and we are expected to be diligent stewards of what He has given us to use.  Are we over-spending in our personal lives to the point we cannot tithe back to God for the work of His church on earth?  Are we so much in debt that our giving has to be cut to a minimum or stopped altogether in order to meet our financial obligations?

I recently took a course on Christian financial concepts and, even though I have been a Christian all my life, I realized I was never informed of what God says about my personal financial life.  Perhaps Synod should look into programs of this type and encourage people to see how God wants them to live financially responsible lives.

Judy Dojan
Summerville, SC


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