A wrong note!

Your article in the August issue on inspiring children to make music in the church was well done for the most part. I saw the DVD that was produced by the Commission on Worship and have only positive things to say about it.

However, I take issue with you bringing into the article the “decline” and resurgence of an adult choir of a large LCMS congregation. This has nothing to do with the premise of your article of inspiring the love of music into children’s lives. It should never have been included. For the sake of truthfulness, I would like to point out that the statement that “the choir had dwindled to eight members—on a good Sunday” is totally false. As a member of that “dwindling” choir, I would like to point out that the smallest number the choir reached was an active roster of 21. These were faithful, dedicated members who loved music and served their Lord with the best they had to give. Throughout the years, this congregation has had an active music ministry of multiple choirs, hand bells, carillon, and instrumentalists contributing to dynamic liturgical worship. It continues to be known as an excellent singing congregation—primarily due to the leadership of a faithful choir throughout the years (whether the choir was small or large).

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