Be joyful! Celebrate life!

I am responding to the September letter-writer who took issue with the bathing-suit ad in the June/July issue of The Lutheran Witness. In that ad, four elderly women in bathing suits are enjoying the water. I am disappointed that the letter-writer failed to see the significance of such joy.

As an employee of a major health-insurance company who speaks on a daily basis with elderly members, I can imagine how many of them would love to be able to prance in water, let alone wear a swimsuit. What a celebration of life that these four women could join hands with one another and walk on their own into the water! Yes, it may be an ad, but it’s not Hollywood portraying age, it’s true women.

I find it sad that we have become so youth-oriented that an ad honestly portraying the elderly is considered disgraceful and out of place in a religious magazine that celebrates God and His creation. The pictures of the women and the baptized infant are bookends to the fullness of life that God can grant us. May the infant realize the joy the elderly ladies show!

Charlotte Coolidge
San Antonio, Texas


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