In the footsteps of Luther and Paul

As you read these lines, we will have traveled this summer with both Luther and Paul, visiting Rome and Turkey, where our New Testament churches took root and grew.

The June/July Lutheran Witness projects a Martin Luther exhibiting a rock-like determination to read the apostolic words of Paul, who indeed was knocked down on the road and then called to be a rock of Gospel proclamation through all of his four mission trips. Even with the cruelties of their times, [their focus on] the Cross of Christ is a reminder of how important our Gospel faith is.

As we move from Europe into Asia (Turkey) for the Christian wedding of our daughter in Istanbul, we are well aware of the possible clash between elements of Islam and the West in our world. But we are even more aware of the rock-like faith in Jesus Christ that Luther and Paul wrote about, spoke about, and lived. We are not to fall back into a slavery of fear (angst). The lives of Luther, Paul, and all the prophets and evangelists encourage us to carry the faith throughout this world. The Lutheran Witness picture is an inspirational invitation to follow the Luther-Christian example in our own day of terror, torment, and trauma.

The Christian church needs that kind of rock-like faith as never before in its earthly journey.

Dr. Albert E. Jabs
Lexington, S.C.


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