Katrina revisited

We returned Aug. 9 from New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, where we saw firsthand the ongoing effects of Hurricane Katrina (“Revisiting Katrina,” September).

We stayed at Camp Biloxi and met some of the most wonderful, generous, selfless people you can imagine. Many came with the intention of helping out three or four weeks and have stayed years. Yet, there is still so much that needs to be done.

The devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina was vast. Please remember this region in your prayers, make a trip down and volunteer, or send financial assistance. Camp Biloxi welcomes volunteers with open arms. They will put you to work and make use of every skill you have–and some you didn’t know you had.

We were blessed by the selflessness of the Camp Biloxi staff and by the determination of the people of the Gulf Coast. They are committed to rebuilding their communities.

Dee Anderson
Stacy and Hannah Glocke
Lino Lakes, Minn.


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