Looking for ‘Lutheran’

Not only am I in complete agreement with Rev. Krugler as he decries the failure to use ‘Mosaic LUTHERAN Church’ for a new mission church in the West, but his point is further enhanced by stories of two churches in the Texas District named “Water’s Edge” and “Living Water Community Church” in the same February issue of The Lutheran Witness (one on page 18 and the other in the Texas Messenger portion).

If the failure to include the word “Lutheran” in the name of mission churches is encouraged by the LCMS, I fear it portends the end of this Synod in our time. When we are so ashamed of our denomination that we do not dare proclaim it to the world by showing it in our church names, we should seek merger with some non-denominational group where you can believe whatever you wish and say that Martin Luther was misguided in his views of the centrality of Christ for man’s salvation. I am disgusted and convinced that LCEF should return all investments to their depositors because their mission is no longer true.

Gordon Hanson
Murphy, TX


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