Plowing through the muck

“Much Ado about Nothing” (September) is an inspiring example of how Prof. Paul Maier plows through the mire and muck of much of the spiritual junk food of our day. We are on the same team.

In fact, his story reminds me of how his father, the world-renowned Lutheran Hour speaker, Dr. Walter Maier, hit at the hype and hypocrisy of his day. I have been privileged to feed on the Maier models for almost 65 years, and their inimitable words can still stir the soul.

We should also challenge the mass media that desensitizes children and adults alike to video violence, pornography, and structural injustices such as modern slavery—that is, international human trafficking.

Paul Maier, like his father, offers a good model for shining a searchlight on the dark nooks and crannies of our overblown, informational society that so often feeds on false hype, false faith, and feckless fears.

Dr. Albert E. Jabs
Lexington, S.C.


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