Profoundly disappointed

I must express my profound disappointment and sorrow that you chose for your April issue to print such a mean-spirited letter from a reader directed toward Paine Proffitt’s illustrations in the December Lutheran Witness. It was a serious lapse in judgment. We Christians are called to encourage one another, not to tear each other down. It’s one thing to disagree with someone’s point of view (which we must do with love and respect), but to throw cheap shots at someone because you don’t happen to appreciate his or her talent is inexcusable. The writer resorted to childishness by mocking the artist’s name and casting horrible aspersions on the artist’s intent. His comments served no good purpose and were in no way a witness to the loving heart of God. The editorship owes the artist an apology. I hope this is a singular incident, but I will discontinue my subscription to The Lutheran Witness if it happens again.

Personally, I find Proffitt’s illustrations fresh, charming, and alive with vivid color and contrast.

Melinda Lein
Kansas City, Mo.


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