Seven brides!

Audrey Kletscher Helbling’s “Something Old, Something New” (June/July 2008) brought back memories of our wedding dress. However, our dress never had “something new.” Our dress remained the same for all of our weddings.

When Mom and Dad Brandt bought the dress, they never dreamed that it would be worn seven times! … by Evelyn (Brandt) DeJong, worn in 1948 at Trinity, Sheridan, Ore.; Charlotte (Brandt) Nordling, 1956, St. James, Portland, Ore.; Sharon (Brandt) Willweber, 1966, Trinity, Sheridan; Nancy (Brandt) Lingenfelter, 1967, Trinity, Sheridan; Sarah (Brandt) Wilson, 1974, Trinity, Sheridan; and now the second generation: Roslyn (Lingenfelter) Zehr, 2001, St. John, Munson, Pa., and Arnell (Lingenfelter) Caris, 2002, St. Paul, Kingsville, Md.

Sharon Willweber
Terra Bella, Calif.


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