Sharing your faith: more encouragement for men

Thank you for stressing the importance of evangelism in the January issue about sharing our faith. Only one problem: Your cover photo spoke to women — but not to men. As a Christian man, I can tell you that, when called to share my faith with another man, I would never curl my legs up on a bench and look longingly into his eyes. I wonder how many men saw this image and reacted by handing the magazine over to their wives or girlfriends, thinking that “sharing your faith” is an Oprah-fied female activity. The Luthern Witness could just as easily have used a photo of two men talking on a golf course or over a backyard barbeque grill. Please remember that men generally absorb visual images more intensely than women.

LCMS should consider that, amid our feminized popular culture, men need more direction than women in communicating our faith in Christ to non-believers. On any given Sunday in America, there is about a 62 to 38 percent split among women and men in the pews. LCMS is a denomination blessed with a solid foundation in Scripture, clarity in belief of the Triune God, and a firm grasp of law and gospel. Now, let us use these gifts to embolden our men in Christian faith and exhort them to develop spiritual leadership so they can effectively interact with the secular world. The Lutheran Witness has tremendous potential to reach and affirm male believers and non-believers alike. A bit more prudence in choosing images that speak to men is warranted.

Martin Romjue
Immanuel Lutheran Chuch
Redondo Beach, CA


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