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by Dr. Kurt Krueger

The Concordia University System: 10 Schools, One Mission


  1. Can you name the largest Lutheran university in the United States?
  2. How about the only Lutheran historically black college in America?
  3. The Lutheran university with one of the best teacher-education programs in Michigan?
  4. The Lutheran university located 15 minutes from the sands of the Pacific and 90 minutes from the snows of the San Bernardino Mountains?
  5. Which Lutheran university has a spelunker-friendly cave and 250-acre nature preserve?
  6. How about the Lutheran university whose athletic-team members are really smart?
  7. The Lutheran college in a Norman Rockwell-like village within a 30-minute train ride of the Big Apple?
  8. Which Lutheran university is located in the least-churched state in the country?
  9. The Lutheran university that educates the largest number of public-school teachers in its city?
  10. The Lutheran university located one mile from the site of the Republican National Convention this fall?

Now the answers …

    1. If you said Concordia University Wisconsin, you’d be correct.
    2. This year more than 6,000 students will attend classes offered by CU Wisconsin.
    3. That would be Concordia College in Selma, the Alabama city once at the epicenter of the Civil Rights movement.
    4. That’s Concordia University Ann Arbor, whose teacher-education program currently ranks above the program at the University of Michigan.
    5. Students at Concordia University Irvine can surf in the morning and snowboard in the afternoon, on the same day, before and after class.This June, drop in at Concordia University Texas and check out the new campus situated among the cedars in Austin’s hill country.
    6. Sixteen of Concordia University Nebraska’s 18 intercollegiate athletic teams earned NAIA Scholar-Team status, more than any other school in the NAIA.
    7. Students at Concordia College Bronxville use the unparalleled resources of New York City to supplement and enhance their classroom instruction.
    8. Concordia University Portland has been sharing the Christian faith with its non-church-going Oregon neighbors for more than 100 years.
    9. Almost 3,000 Chicago public-school teachers are enrolled in graduate classes at Concordia University Chicago.
    10. Concordia University St. Paul will offer student internships and other educational programs in conjunction with the RNC, Sept. 1–4.

Even though our 10 institutions are unique in many respects, they are the same in their commitment to providing exemplary academic programs within the context of the Lutheran faith.

Each Concordia is led by a Lutheran president, Lutheran administrators, and Lutheran regents determined to offer a distinctively Lutheran, Christian education for all students, those preparing for professional church work as well as those preparing for careers in business, nursing, law, social work, teaching, etc.

The Lutheran professors at our Concordias are experts in their academic disciplines and are intentional about bringing their Lutheran, Christian perspective to their teaching. Our campus pastors provide individual spiritual counseling and guidance to students seeking to deepen their understanding of the Christian faith.

While remaining committed to Lutheran teaching and to serving Lutheran students, the Concordias welcome students from other faith traditions and from other parts of the world whose perspectives often add great value to the educational enterprise.

Our 10 Concordias are located in 10 different parts of the country and offer unique educational opportunities, but all 10 are united in their mission to proclaim in word and deed that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior of the world.

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