What God wants us to see

I enjoyed so much the article “Seeing what God wants us to see” in the April edition of The Lutheran Witness. It brought to mind a personal experience that I had some years ago.
I had always had a fear of flying and was dreading my upcoming flight to Toronto on business.  I had only flown one time prior and I was a nervous wreck the entire time–both to and from Minneapolis.
Upon arriving at my gate in St. Louis, to my dismay, the plane was a very small jet and I really had to talk myself into boarding such a small craft for what seemed like such a long flight.  As we took off and then banked around to head for Toronto I looked out the window and was instantly at peace.  On the ground below was a building complex that, from the air, made the perfect shape of a cross. 
From that moment on I have looked forward to every oportunity to fly.  I always ask for a window seat and never cease to marval at the wonder of God’s creation that is so very evident from that vantage point.  Be it the splendor of a mountain range, the beauty of an ocean, or simply flying through the clouds and breaking through to see the sun shining above them, I am continually greatful for “seeing what God wanted me to see” that day from the window of that very small jet.
Karen A. Ridenour
Bellville, OH

I was reading the article, “Seeing What God Wants Us to See” in the April
2008 edition of the Witness.  In that article, the author references seeing the shape of the cross in photographs.  As I read the article, I recalled a photograph that I took during our VBS last summer.  Two girls asked if I would take their picture during recreation with my digital camera, so I did.  They had the sun right behind them and the picture didn’t come out well at all.  So, I had them stand on the other side of the side walk and I got a better picture.  The next day, I was going through the pictures and saw the most amazing site.  Right in the middle of the picture is a shadow of a cross.  It is actually a combination of beams from the overhang over the sidewalk and the steeple that extends over it.  I have since had that picture enlarged and have it hanging in my office.

In Christ,

Tim Wells
Director of Christian Education
St. John Lutheran Church
Wadena, MN


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