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I was excited to receive the June/July Lutheran Witness. I flipped open the cover only to see four elderly women in bathing suits prancing in ocean water. There is a time and a place for that sort of advertising and a magazine of this caliber is not it. Thankfully, when I turned the next page my eyes landed upon a beautiful vision of a baby being brought into the kingdom of God through the waters of Baptism. I find it disappointing the order of importance the ads received in this issue.

Denise Melius
Chelsea, S.D.


Is The Lutheran Witness so in need of advertisers that you will resort to this?

If I had not read the fine print, I would think the ad on the inside front cover was an ad for a liposuction clinic in Florida for retirees.

This is a magazine supported by the Synod–right? The ad is in poor taste. It’s tacky and doesn’t belong in this publication. I doubt that the Baptists, Catholics, Mormons, Evangelicals, or Methodists would want their name attached to it. But yet there it is in print–Lutherans! Boy, am I proud!

I hope in the future that some thought will be given before the final decision is made to lower your standards to this.

Glennise Wendorf
Rock Springs, Wyo.


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