A comforting multigenerational commitment

Father, Dr. Walter A. “WAM” Maier, and son, Dr. Paul L. Maier, in all of their 40-plus books, never, ever reduced Christ’s Resurrection. The heart, mind, and rescue of those Resurrection hours altered the course of human history. The recent Maier piece (April) only reconfirms this most recent thrust into the depths of despair, disappointment, and dysfunctional cynicism which screams at us in our daily news resumes.

In listening to Dr. Maier’s voice over the early Lutheran Hour for these 70 years, and reading some of his books, I never had the sense that he would broker or negotiate Christ’s Resurrection–at Harvard, Washington, D.C., or in the capitols, debating matters of war and peace. Son, Paul, follows with his own Christ commitment as a professor and ancient-history discerner. As a professor of history and a Christian myself, I am strengthened by such generational Christ commitments.

In a recent Washington, D.C., conference, on torture, I vigorously opposed the inhumanity of torture and felt convinced that the Maier record would cite the crucifixion of Christ as the best advocacy against torture … whether done by our own nation, or any of the other nations that subscribe to this sinister procedure.

Dr. Walter A. Maier was gifted to see the adumbration of catastrophe in World War II, before many others at the time. His courage and commitment, to raise the Resurrection Christ Cross in the worst of times will never be forgotten.

Dr. Albert Jabs
Lexington, S.C.


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