A poor choice

I received my December issue of The Lutheran Witness and was utterly appalled at the cover page. It belongs on the cover of a child’s publication. Why was there not a picture of the nativity or at least a picture relating to the birth of our Savior? The article “The Great Christmas Wars” could still have been included with the picture on the inside pages–not the front cover! We wonder why Christmas has become so “commercialized,” passing over the birth of Jesus. To have a cover picture (such as this) that passes through many hands (post office, sorter of mails, postal delivery personnel) does not speak well for the LCMS. Have we become so attuned to the world that we have lost the true meaning of Christmas? Without Christmas we are all lost sinners in this world. Let us profess that belief to the others.

Shirley A. Olinger
Rolling Prairie, Ind.


It was truly disgusting to see the front cover of the December issue of The Lutheran Witness. What a shock to see all the secular symbols and not a single Christian symbol. I am so glad that my dad (a faithful pastor) did not live to see such a non-Christian front cover of The Lutheran Witness.

Think of the image that cover of this magazine gives to the multitudes that come in contact with it in the mail and elsewhere. This is The Lutheran Witness and what a witness you are giving!

Irene (Happel) Armbrecht
Clemons, Iowa


I received my Missouri Conservation magazine today. It had a duck on the cover. My wife received her Birds and Blooms magazine today. It had a bird on the cover. I had to retrieve the December Lutheran Witness from the trash. I tossed it because I thought it was another Christmas sales catalog. The cover was neither Lutheran nor was it any kind of positive witness.

Rev. Allen E. Geil (Retired)
Bolivar, Mo.


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