Big-picture Questions

In response to President Kieschnick’s March article regarding the Missouri Synod’s position on “Right to Life,” I would like to share some of the discussion from a recent Sunday morning Bible class.

The question was posed:

If the California mother of 14 children were a member of our church family, how would we respond?

Initial remarks ranged from “we would help her even if she wasn’t a member” to “she wouldn’t want to be a member” to “that’s what excommunication is for!”

The “bigger picture” question before us was this: Does God test the Church, as well as the individual Christian, by placing in our midst those difficult to forgive, to love, to help, to accept?

  • Would we have given her counsel, financial aid, food, child care?

  • What does “Right to Life” really mean to me as a Lutheran?

  • Who is to “blame” for these births?

  • Is God still the Giver of Life even when it begins outside the womb?

  • What if God has special plans for that 11th child, as he did for musician Johann Christian Bach or artist Albrecht Durer, who was one of 18?

  • Where would LCMS be today without birth control?

  • Are these children “my neighbor” and therefore my responsibility as a follower of Christ?

Food for thought at the Table of the Lord.

Linda Varnes
Nampa, Idaho


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