By my side

As a former DCE who “defected” to the pastoral ministry, I found Dean Nadasdy’s tribute in the August Lutheran Witness to be one of the finest and fittest tributes to these servants I have ever seen.

In the fall of 2006, DCE Larry Biel accepted the call to family-life ministry at Anchorage Lutheran Church, Anchorage, Alaska. He arrived the same week my wife of 37 years, Carol, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. At our second meeting, Larry looked me in the eye and said, “I’m here for you.”

I believed him because in other situations I had seen that same look in the eyes of Dan Raguse and Bob Fossum, whom Dr. Nadasdy mentions, as well as Jay Musfeldt, James Quade, and numerous others. Larry was indeed here for me then and now.

I must correct my friend Dean on one point: [Rich] Bimler and [Larry] Biel did not come with guitars. But then, Fossum never owned a necktie either. All of them have been here for me when I needed them and here for the Lord and the congregations and ministries they serve. Thanks be to God!

Bill Warren
Anchorage, Alaska


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