Celebrating Pan de Vida

I was so pleased to read the article in the August Lutheran Witness about Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Detroit.

I am 81 years old, and I was confirmed and married at Bethlehem in 1946. I also attended Maybury School, which was mentioned in the article. Our first son, Jim, was baptized at Bethlehem, and shortly after that, in 1948, we moved to California. In 1993, I lost my husband to cancer, and a few months later, his sister, Myrtle, moved in with me. In 1996, we went back to Detroit for our 50th class reunion at Western High School. While we were there, we visited Bethlehem and were a little disappointed in the attendance, but we were very pleased to see the wonderful condition of the church. It was a surprise to see the sign on the freeway exit: “Mexicantown.” I almost felt at home, because the area in which I live in Pomona is well populated with Hispanics.

My present husband and I are members of St. Paul Lutheran Church. We are an “inner city” neighborhood; so we have several Hispanic members.

Congratulations and God’s blessings to Iglesia Luterana Pan de Vida.

Mary Ann Klopschinski-Lee
Pomona, Calif.

Thank you for the article regarding Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Detroit. My husband, Rev. Dr. Melvin Zilz, grew up in that congregation. His extended family experienced the blessings of Baptisms, confirmations, marriages, and deaths within that church. It is a beautiful church building and school, and it is wonderful to see it being used for mission work in the community. May the Lord continue His work there with Rev. Lorenz and Deaconess Rodriguez!

Carole Zilz
Fort Wayne, Ind.


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