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Thanks for the excellent January Lutheran Witness focus on Lutheranism. It is sorely needed in our time and should make us thankful for the blessings we enjoy in our church.

However, I fail to find even a footnote reminding us that there are lots of non-Lutheran Christians who know Jesus, love the Bible, spread the Gospel, and serve the Lord in many ways and will be with us in heaven. A simple reminder that the Body of Christ is bigger than all of us could help keep us properly humble even as we are properly proud to be Lutherans.

As a missionary in the Philippines, I was always thankful there were some non-Lutherans helping pagan people to know Jesus.

Dr. Norbert V. Becker
St. Louis, Mo.


The latest Lutheran Witness (January) has several articles that extol the virtues of being Lutheran. As I read, I got the distinct impression it was much more important to be Lutheran first and then Christian. How sad that the emphasis wasn’t on
being Christian first. There is only one Body, one Faith. It might do us good to look around and see some of the rest of the Body in other denominations as well. Let’s hope our lauding of our heritage never gets carried so far that someone posts some theses on our church doors—or since we are now postmodern, on our Web sites.

Jack Rawlins
Ponca City, Okla.


Bravo! The January issue of The Lutheran Witness is the most spectacular I have read. The unabashed exposition of our beliefs, the historical and scriptural annotation, the clarity, brevity, and symmetry of theme make it very powerful.

Now would you please consider a similar issue on apologetics? Other evangelical bodies are doing this, and I would like to see ours add to it. Surely most of your readers are aware of the Humanist agenda in our society, which we have a duty to fight as the Church Militant. It is no less a threat to the Church than the Gnostics of the apostolic age.

Ron Schlesinger
Edmond, Okla.


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