Moved to tears

I had to e-mail you immediately after reading Susan Rosselli’s March Lifeline story, “God Hears, God Cares, God Moves.” I was moved to tears upon reading about her struggle to secure the basics for her and her then 9-year-old daughter during a difficult time in their lives. It was such an unbelievably compelling article to read how our Lord answered her prayer by blessing them in the midst of a bad snow storm and then providing themwith a meal by a stranger—then to read how things began to “slowly pick up” for Susan, her husband, and her daughter by blessing the family with employment, a new church home, a house, and a more stable life. What an amazing testimony to our Lord’s compassionate love and grace!

Thank you, Susan, for sharing your story, especially with so many today experiencing the same challenges you did. May they, too, come to know the faithfulness of our gracious God, as you did!

Mrs. Mildred M. Palmer
Lynnwood, Wash.


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