Putting up the walls

I want to compliment you on your February article, “In Bethlehem: Hope Behind the Wall,” by Rev. David L. Mahsman. Until I read this article, the thought never occurred to me that some of the Christians in that area could be Palestinian Christians. I guess I always thought that if you were a Christian in Bethlehem, you must be a Jewish Christian. I had heard of Bethlehem’s Evangelical Lutheran Christmas Church, but I always believed it was pastored by a reformed Jewish pastor. Mistakenly, I thought all Palestinians were of the Muslim faith; therefore, not Christian.

It is gratifying to know that Lutherans and Christians are bringing the Good News to both Jewish and Muslim people, but it is shameful to read that a wall used to separate people keeps them from their family’s land.

Mrs. Carolyn Copeland
Sun City, Ariz.


My thanks to you for the article on the plight of our fellow Lutheran Christians in the Holy Land. Micah’s cry for basic justice is so sorely needed, and all sides of the sad story need to be heard by us here. Only God’s grace and forgiveness can break the vicious cycle of violence. Thank God for our fellow Christians, who can offer hope. They need our prayers and support.

Rev. Barry L. Pfanstiel
Cape Girardeau, Mo.


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