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Post No Bills

As part of a Visiting Committee (VC) in a school accreditation process, I recently visited a Catholic high school in a neighboring community.

The first night of such a visit is usually an informal meet-and-greet for the VC and the stakeholders of the institution. After the president of the school, Father Nick, finished his introductions, it was our team’s turn to do the same. Being the last of the VC to introduce himself, I quickly realized that I was the only non-Catholic in the room. I introduced myself as the principal and deacon of a Lutheran school and church and then jokingly added, “I guess I’m the token Lutheran tonight.”

Father Nick responded without hesitation (and with a grin), “Oh, that’s okay, Kris. You’re still welcome. Just don’t go posting anything on any doors!”

Kris Schneider
Bethany Lutheran School
Vacaville, Calif.


101 Donations?

George, my 4-year-old grandson, was asking my daughter-in-law, Molly, to read him a book. Unfortunately,  because George didn’t have the title down pat, and because he didn’t have the book in hand, my daughter-in-law couldn’t decipher the title to which he was referring. George kept saying, “One dollar, one donation; one dollar, one donation!” Finally, exasperated, he blurted out, “It’s about puppies with spots!” Now my daughter-in-law knew: He wanted her to read 101 Dalmatians.

Warren Viehl
Director of Christian Education
Messiah Lutheran Church
Lincoln, Neb.

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