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It’s All in the Name

My 3-year-old daughter, Analiesa, discovered last night that God has the same name we do.

I was once again teaching her the Lord’s Prayer: “Our Father, who art in heaven,” I began.

We got to “hallowed be Thy name,” and Analiesa stopped me.

“That’s our name,” she stated.

I looked at her, wondering what she was talking about. She repeated: “Hollowood be Thy name.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. I told her it was pronounced “hallowed” and enunciated it very slowly. I even explained what hallowed meant.

“No,” she said. “It’s Hollowood! He’s our Father.”

I couldn’t argue with that. Not when I was smiling so broadly. Besides, it can wait until she’s a little older.

Darla Hollowood
Chapel of the Cross Lutheran Church
St. Peters, Mo.


A Practical Definition

“Social tact”: Making your company feel at home even though you wish they were.

George Kottwitz
Trinity Lutheran Church
Edwardsville, Ill.

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