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I appreciated Dr. Richard Eyer’s article, “Our Gay Neighbors,” in the August issue of The Lutheran Witness, and I affirm everything he said. I would like to add a biblical principle not often cited when discussing the subject: God’s positive affirmation of marriage and its purpose: To reflect His love for the church in Ephesians 5. Let’s not just say what God doesn’t want in a corruption of His love, but show what His love truly is to those who need to know His love.

Rev. Dale Critchley
North Ridgeville, Ohio

Dr. Richard Eyer’s “Our Gay Neighbors” was a timely message for many of us living in Iowa, where our state supreme court recently agreed it was OK for same-sex marriages to be preformed. I applaud Dr. Eyer for such a well-written article stating the position of our Synod. Even after much study, we remain true to the words in the Bible from our heavenly Father rather than insisting there is a message in our Bible that we just do not understand in this century. Yes, it is a civic concern for our LCMS; however, that concern does not preempt the Word of God or suggest He said something different to meet the needs of the community.

John T. Moeller
Davenport, Iowa


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