Thinking economically

Several years ago, my congregation, a bedroom community of upper-middleclass people, wrestled with the idea of continuing blanket subscriptions to The Lutheran Witness for all members due to your huge increase in price. At the same time, I noted that you began using glossy, heavy paper, which surely added considerably to your costs.

I submit that this is not a good use of resources, especially if this is indicative of our overall attitude toward an economical operation. I am aware that costs have increased, but I would hope that the Witness would consider the budget constraints of congregations and keep costs as low as possible.

Eunice Hafemeister
Minneapolis, Minn.

As stewards of the church’s resources, we seek to use them wisely, and we are especially aware of our responsibilities in these uncertain economic times. The current individual subscription price for The Lutheran Witness is $22 per year, which works out to $2 per issue or about six cents per day. CPH also offers The Lutheran Witness at significantly reduced rates when subscriptions are organized through districts or congregations, or when readers opt for two- or three-year subscription cycles. For more information about subscriptions—including a special $11.50/year offer—call CPH at 800-325-3040 or visit and click on “Magazines.” —Ed


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