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Thank you so very much for the informative and inspiring article about Bethlehem in the February Lutheran Witness. My husband took a vacation/tour to Israel some 16 years ago, and [we] are hoping to enrich our grandchildren’s lives with a visit in the near future, but [we] were surprised to read of all of the changes that have occurred since our time there. It is distressing to learn that Christians are disappearing from Bethlehem, and that American Lutherans seem to be ignorant of the situation.

It was also such a blessing to read of all of the help and support from Wheat Ridge Ministries . . . I think most people think of Wheat Ridge mainly in relation to the Christmas stamps we buy at Christmas time!

After looking at the Web sites listed in the article, I am more determined than ever to make a return visit, knowing that safety is no longer the big issue it once was! Thank you for all the helpful information you gave to Lutheran Witness readers!

Meredith Berg
Hudson, Wis.


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